3 Essential Google Analytics Reports to Measure Your Activity

Google Analytic SEO

Do we have enough knowledge about google analytic seo. Traffic analysis tools make for an excellent way to gauge the number of visitors to your site to understand their behavior, and get a better idea of their actions while browsing. That said, understanding these reports may take some getting used to. Let’s go over three types of Google Analytics reports designed to help you get a better grasp on your data and improve the decision-making process on your site.

Traffic Sources Distribution

The first report you’ll want to look at when combing through traffic data is your traffic sources distribution. Under “all traffic” in the “Acquisition” tab, you’ll find a “sources” report, which will indicate your traffic share, clearly showing which sources provide you with the most visitors. It also offers indicators on the quality of your traffic, including rebound rate and average session time. You’ll also find your organic traffic (from SEO), Paid Search from your Adwords campaigns, and traffic stemming from users who typed your URL directly in the address bar, as well as other configured or detected sources.

Comparing the different sources and the quality of their traffic is the first step towards calculating the true benefits of acquisition sources. Some configurations such as e-mail campaigns or offline advertising require additional configuration before they can be viewed in this chart.

User Behavior According to Device

The second report you should check out measures behavior of phone and tablet user against that of computer users. Open the “Audience” tab, then click on “Mobile” and then “Overview” to obtain a clear comparison of the volume and value of your mobile traffic. As you examine this comparison, you can determine the quality of your mobile experience and scope out any work that needs to be done on your site’s mobile version. Focus your attention on your rebound rate, which points to potential navigation or display problems. Just as important is your conversion rate, which may indicate that you are not converting some users.

Profitability and Objectives

The last essential report for thorough follow-up of your site’s profitability evaluates objectives. Available after configuration on the Google Analytics site, access objectives in the “Objectives” portion of the “Conversions” tab. There, you can shed light on the profitability of your site, by calculating the number of newsletter subscriptions, orders, video views, or contact requests you have received. Objectives can involve any event on your site and can inform you on a real time of ad campaign results and the profitability of each of your acquisition channels, giving you complete mastery over your communication and allowing you to precisely calculate the ROI of every action. Google Analytics offers limitless possibilities.

Fixing Bad SEO

Proper recognition of your business from Google is what makes all this happen. Your website is probably outsourced while you handle most of your marketing in-house. The big problem that most dealerships do not know is that their website company does not update all of the important Google account links. Ask yourself: do they even have access to your Google account? Probably not. Your in-house team might have access to your Google and social media accounts, but not your domain.

Nobody in your organization has got this covered and every so often your dealership receives analytics reports revealing these deficiencies. Sure employees scramble for a few weeks trying to do something about it until the urgency dies down and then they move on without any real progress. Getting all of your Google accounts set up properly takes someone who knows exactly what they’re doing. Right now many of you are thinking these guys at Black Ace Digital are exactly right, but we can just get someone in-house to fix it.


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