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SEO All In One

There is way of using seo all in one pack. The All in One SEO Pack is not quite what it says it is. It does have a lot of valuable things in it, though. Installing the All in One SEO Pack from Word Press Admin Dashboard, select Settings and scroll down to All in One SEO. This page sets up how your meta description, title tag and so forth appear on your site. The most important is the home title. This should be your main keyword phrase. The Home Description should have your keyword phrase in it and when someone does a search on Google and your site turns up, your meta description is what the searcher reads on Google to describe your site. It must be engaging and very readable for humans. Keep it short.

Doing the Necessary Things

Home Keywords will be your main keyword, followed by your LSI keywords. Separate each keyword by commas. They will be your meta keywords on your site. Check the Rewrite Titles box, but leave all the rest of the options on the page at default. Then check all the boxes from Use Categories for meta keywords down to Auto generate Descriptions (check 5 boxes in all). These types of pages often aren’t monitized well and they can tend to rank high on keyword searches, so they’re taking up attention that you’d rather went to other well monitized pages in your site.

It’s not necessarily a duplicate content issue, for me it’s a ranking issue. Leave the Additional Post, Page and Home Headers blank as well as the Log important events box, and click Update Options. Go back to your site and reload it (refresh). Go to the home page and right click anywhere on the page. Click on view source in your source page, you should find the adjustments you’ve just made. Check a post page as well. And there are the description and keywords I just put in. The description here is the first couple of lines of the post.

It pulls that in automatically. It’s absolutely essential plug in for Word Press blogs to help you control titles and descriptions for all your pages. Titles are the most important on page factor for ranking in a search engine. And descriptions are what shows underneath the clickable link in a search engine, and that’s going to help users click through on your link if it shows in search results. You don’t need any keywords, but the post title, by default, what it’s going to do is display the title of your post then after that the blog title.

Focus on the Important  the Important Things

You don’t want to the blog title to appear in the title of your posts or the title of your pages or the title of your categories. The reason is that the keywords in your titles are the most important part in getting you ranked, and you want that to be very focused on the page that’s being displayed. You don’t want to add additional words that are general to your blog at the end of those titles. If you just display your category title on category pages, the title of your page might be just weddings and nothing else, if you’re on your weddings category. So you might put something at the end of this for example posts about wedding photography.

The title of all your categories would be the category name and then posts about wedding photography. So this assumes all your categories are about wedding photography. Now that your homepage is updates, the only other place you’ll use the All in One SEO pack is in your individual posts. When you add a new post, you’ll see at the bottom some new fields for All in One SEO pack. For every new post you create you want to enter a title and description.

The title is what will display in search results and the keywords in this title help to get you ranked. And the description is what shows in search results and what that says will compel people to click the link, so those are very important features. Enter the All in One SEO Pack title and description for every post you create.


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