Guaranteed SEO Services: Avoid At All Costs

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Have you even seen some saying he is a seo services expert. Promises, Promises, Promises, we’ve all heard of those SEO agencies that offer the world and give nothing close. Many agencies go as far as to offer guarantees on these SEO results. Are these companies truly capable of offering these type of promises, or are they just trying to simply close the sale? In this video, we dive into SEO guarantees and what you can expect when you speak to a company offering you a promise of results Someone might ask, do you offer guarantees. Another person might mention, this other agency guaranteed me results. What can you do.

What to Do?

So let’s dive into the reasoning behind guaranteed results, whether it’s a good option for you, and some more pro tips on agency red flags. Now, one important thing to remember when searching for an SEO company is that business is business and many companies employ very skilled salesmen that are quite keen of making sure they can get you to sign on the dotted line. Because of this, many salesmen are more focused on their commission checks, versus the true well-being of the newly on boarded client. They may go as far as saying, we promise SEO results, or we won’t charge you until we get those results.

So, let’s dissect this a little bit

1. The Guaranteed SEO Results

It’s virtually impossible for someone to guarantee you SEO results. As we’ve mentioned before, it’s a very popular sales tactic but since we’re relying on metrics that are used for the search engines to verify the trust and relevancy of a website, it’s impossible that any agency can guarantee these type of results. Even Google has even stated multiple times that if an SEO agency is offering you guaranteed results or even states that they have in with someone who’s currently employed by Google, you should question the general motives of the SEO specialist you’re chatting with.

This also ties directly into the introductory call or what’s truthfully the qualification call. This call is done to ensure that the SEO company has the potential to be the right fit for you, as well as ensuring that you’re the right fit for the SEO company. Many times during this qualification call, you might ask questions that simply cannot be answered by the salesperson because it might be a bit too technical. This makes it super-easy for the sale person to make up an answer that they believe you’d like to hear.

In one way or another, as the SEO director in our agency, I’m heavily involved with the entire sales process, to ensure that we’re able to give the best answers that’ll properly manage the expectations of the campaign. To take it one step further, some agencies even go as far as to offer guaranteed SEO services straight on their website, which is a typical no-no for SEO services. These type of promises have the very potential that the SEO agency you’re in contact with is likely using outdated or questionable tactics that might even lead to a search engine penalty.

Simply put, many SEO agencies fail to evolve as the algorithms get more advanced, leading to improper execution and poorly managed expectations. So, to summarize, if an SEO agency it is offering you guaranteed SEO results, that should be taken as a red flag. It cannot be done, and no agency can offer you a guarantee. Before we wrap up, there’s another type of “promise” that tends to go be mentioned by some companies and that is.

2. We’ll Work For Free Until You Get The Results

The second type of guarantee that many agencies will give is that they will work for free until you get the results that you ultimately agreed upon. This is a scam in and of itself. This way, they can get x amount of dollars from you over the course of x amount of months for the contract that you signed. What they will do is simply take your money for a few months, not do any work, then after a few months say that they will work for free until they get you the results, but nothing will change. They won’t do anything different, they won’t keep trying because they weren’t trying to begin with. They were able to squeeze a few dollars out of you in the first few months and will now be moving you from person to person within their agency until you just stop emailing or calling them.

The lesson here is simple. many SEO agencies will do what they need to do, will say what they need to say, to close a sale. It’s no secret that the SEO industry is very competitive and businesses need to create that market differentiation as much as possible and sadly, that means stooping into low levels like this to close a sale and bring on a new client. What Can You Do About It? When speaking to a new SEO company one of the things that you need to do is to qualify the company. You could even ask the company if they can guarantee results to get a feel for the style of their operation.

Most respectable companies, like ourselves, will answer that we cannot simply guarantee results. But what will take place, is the time-tested framework that has been used countless times to transition websites in the search result.


It’s companies like this that give SEO, as a marketing strategy, a bad name. SEO works very very well when executed properly and proper optimization has the potential to bring in a lot of traffic from search. Just making sure you hire the right company is the most important thing in the SEO marketing strategy.


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