How To Choose a SEO Company

Best SEO Companies

You may be want to find the some of the the best seo companies. Search engine optimization to them, it’s almost like black magic. It’s not something that they understand, and to add to that, there’s a lot of people that sell SEO that are basically snake oil salesmen and they sell you a bunch of work that’s either not going to make you rank long term or it could get you penalized by Google.

Some Important Steps

1. Number one, seems really simple but, “Show me somebody that you’ve made rank, show me what keywords you were trying to make them rank for, where they were before and where they ended up. ” It’s really important to understand that not all keywords are created equally. Some drive more traffic than others. Some people search for certain phrases more than they do others.

2. That leads me into number two, “Can you show me the actual search traffic that came from Google organic search which is the engine? What kind of increase did you make in their search traffic?” This is dead simple to do, in Google Analytics they can take a screenshot of it.

You can go into Google Analytics, you can go into a site and you can isolate just the Google organic traffic, so just the search traffic, not the Adwords traffic, and then you can select a period of time and then compare it to the period of time before that. If they wanted to say like the last six months compared to the six months before, you can get a really clear idea of how much traffic that they actually affected with their SEO campaigns, and you can see what kind of difference it made. Ultimately, the whole idea of investing in your SEO is to drive more targeted traffic to your site, and not just any old traffic, but qualified traffic of people who are interested in either learning about your products or buying your products or services.

Have them show you an actual graph of where their client was before, and where they were after they started their SEO campaign. The third thing that I would say is important is, do they specialize in your industry vertical? What that means is, there are a lot of people that specialize in certain things, let’s say like SEO for lawyers, SEO for e-commerce, SEO for real estate.

What does SEO Company do for You

There’s a lot of different terms for this as well, in-bound traffic is one, kind of synonymous with content marketing. There’s a lot of different things that SEO companies do in order to get those results. First off it starts with diagnosing where you’re at and then prescribing a course of action and then executing on that strategy. And then evaluating the results, measuring what’s happening, and then readjusting. There’s a lot of different forms that that action can take.

Usually it comes down to certain things involving a combination of any of these: key word research, content strategy, content planning, creating new content, building links from relevant sites that are closely relating to yours, promoting you in different ways to build your brand and make your brand more prominent, making adjustments on your site, making it more user friendly. And again an SEO company is going to pull a bunch of levers to try and drive qualified traffic to your site, and that means people who are interested in your product or service. And a lot of that’s going to be done by taking action both on your website and off your website to make that happen.


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