How to Improve Your Conversion Rate From No Website Visitors

SEO Conversion Rate

Most of the important in online business is seo conversion rate. You have barely any traffic coming to your website. Let’s say a thousand visitors, a few thousand if you’re lucky. How do you improve your conversions when you have little to no traffic? The first thing you need to know is conventional A/B testing solutions like Optimizely require you to have a lot of traffic, because it makes sure that a variation is statistically significant before it’s a winner. What that means is let’s say you have a homepage and you decide that you want to create a new variation because you think the new one will convert better. If you run a test in Optimizely, the test won’t end unless you have statistical significance, which means you’re going to need hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of conversions before there’s a winner.

If there is no winner, you won’t know if the changes you’re making are improving your conversions or hurting it. But there’s a simple solution. Crazy Egg has something called bandit testing and it’s mainly for smaller websites. You can make changes using the WYSIWYG editor and you can add in multiple variations. What Crazy Egg will do will automatically adjust the traffic to different variations depending on how each version is converting. Based on that, you can make changes to your website constantly.

You can always add in new headlines, new images, remove elements from your page, whatever you decide you want to do to improve your conversions. From there, you run tests using Crazy Egg and it will automatically adjust the traffic to each variation. The test is never-ending, which means you continually add variations, you don’t have to delete them, and it will automatically adjust the traffic to different variations of your website to maximize your income. It’s that simple. If you’re not sure what to change, Crazy Egg will show you in a visual format the reports like their heat map, which will show you where people click and where they don’t click. This will give you ideas on what you need to change to maximize your conversion rates.

Reason of Low Convertion Rate

The reason most of your traffic doesn’t convert is because you look at qualitative data. What qualitative data is Google Analytics data, you go on to Google Analytics, you look at your traffic you’re like oh this is the pages people are leaving off, this is why they’re not converting and you know, maybe I’ll do something or run some AB test and boost up my converters. That doesn’t work, what you need to do is first off look at qualitative data.

What qualitative data is you talking to other people, surveying them, whether using tools like Survey Monkey, or any of the survey tools out there like Hotjar, that’ll help you get in touch with people who are your potential customers and figure out what issues they have with your product, your service, your website, your copy, your landing pages. Once you got 40, 50, 60 people giving you similar feedback, now you know what to focus on first to get more of those visitors to convert into customers.

Improving the stats

Then, once you have that, I want you to go to sites like Crazy egg and use Crazy egg to run a heat map study of your site, it’ll show you where people click, where they don’t, what pages they’re going to, where they’re converting, this will show you as well as with that qualitative data that you got the roadblocks you have on your website that are stopping people from converting. Not just numbers, but visual data that’ll show you what’s stopping people from converting.

You combine the two and then you run AB tests which is the next step in Crazy egg, you will then be able to run tests to solve these problems which should then boost your overall conversions. Most people take the opposite approach of which they just run AB tests based off their Google Analytics data and that’s why they run all these tests that don’t boost their conversion rates. Heck, in many cases they’ll decrease your conversion rate and that’s when you lose money.


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