Internal Link Building with SEO Smart Links

SEO Smart Links

People often thinks how to use seo smart links. So one of the things that helps with on-page SEO is internal link building. You’ll want to go inside your dashboard and you’ll want to click on ‘PLUGINS’ and click’ ADD NEW’ and then you’ll want to type in “seo smart links”. Okay so now when you get to SEO Smart Links and you search for it you’ll want to make sure that you pick the correct one. There’s one about SEO Smart Links + and SEO Smart Links and the one you want to select is by Vladmir Prelovac, it’s the second one, version 2.78. There may be a newer version by the time you update this make sure you pick this one. We’re going to go ahead and click install now, click ok’ and then click activate. Okay so that’s all you have to do with SEO Smart Links.

What it does

It basically will read your blog post titles or page titles and any time that keyword shows up it’s going to basically link to it. So for example, I have a page called “Insanity Nutrition Guide” and it’s simply titled “Insanity Nutrition Guide”. Now every single time that this word shows up in a blog post or blog page it’s going to automatically link to this. So whatever page you want to auto link just create a certain title, so for example, this Insanity Workout Program, this is the name of the title of the blog post I created, Insanity Workout Program.

And as you can see it auto generated same thing Insanity Workout Review. SEO Smart Links really makes your internal linking an easier process We all know that SEO is not only about great content, incoming links, likes and shares of your web pages. SEO is also about how your content is presented to the search engines! The internal links on your website, the pages that link to each other – all that tells Google and other search engines which pages are important, and what keywords they represent. Optimizing your content on-page needs to be done before publishing your content – so that once the search engines see you have published something new – they know instantly what’s important about it, and they can add it to their index, and most importantly – assign a ranking position to your newly published page.

Benefits of SEO smart links

Doing all that optimization manually takes time, and frankly, it takes lots of time. SEO Smart links plugin provides automatic SEO benefits for your site. SEO Smart Links can automatically link keywords and phrases in your posts and comments with corresponding posts, pages, categories and tags on your blog. Further SEO Smart links allows you to setup your own keywords and set of matching URLs. Finally SEO Smart links allows you to set nofollow attribute and open links in new window. It is a perfect solution to get your blog posts interlinked or add affiliate links to other sites. You set up the options inside the plugin settings menu, and you’re ready.

Now go write some content! And when you’re done, do not forget to give these pages some love! We see how SEO Smart Links ¬†works perfectly. With SEO Smart Links you can import a keyword configuration file that you have saved as a copy of security and you can also do it with the configuration options of program well once you integrate it again. you can restore everything. You can download the information or upload it again.


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