It’s Hard to Choose a Good SEO Agency

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Are you searching for the best best company seo. Why manufacturers have a difficult time selecting an SEO company. This is something that plagues a lot of people and a lot of business owners, not just manufacturers, but sometimes even people in my own industry, that design and build websites. With Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) and people who make industrial products, they follow a spec sheet, they use specific materials, there’s specific dimensions to the product being manufactured. It’s made in the same way each time, to where there’s predictable results.

Difficulty in Selecting a Company

Because everything in manufacturing follows this straightforward process that once you’ve dialed in the exact process for making a part, or making a product, or making some sort of thing for somebody else you follow that process exactly, all the way through, every time. Similarly, when you’re looking at web development, you can choose to code in different languages. You could use a CMS like Word Press or Drupal. On the surface level, the end result is basically going to be the same. Now maybe underneath the hood, there’s different things that are going on that affect the performance.

But basically, the functionality and the look and feel of the site is going to be a specific way, no matter what language or tool that you use to put it together. Now when it comes to SEO, it’s a little bit different. With manufacturing, with coding, everything is pretty straightforward. You do a certain set of processes to get a certain result. In SEO, you’re aiming at a moving target, at the same time that all your competitors on the face of the earth are also aiming at the same moving target. Add to that confusion, that Google and Bing do not give you step-by-step instructions for how to rank your site. Yes, some things they are going to tell you. But a lot of stuff they want to keep secret.

They don’t want to put the exact formula out there, because spammers will game the system, and they will rig it completely. There’s a veil of opacity over SEO, to where the best SEO companies are using some sort of scientific method to test theories, and test hypotheses, to make sure that they’re following best practices. Also, Google is changing their algorithm on a daily basis. They’re running experiments in real time, to give users the best results. Also, they’re folding in machine learning, aka artificial intelligence what they call Rank Brain, which is their own AI their own machine learning, which they’re using to try and produce better results, and give people who are searching for things the exact thing that they’re searching for at the exact time they need it.

Keeping the important Factor in Mind

When it comes to SEO companies, there’s a lot of factors that go into SEO: the content on your page, the way that you format the content, the design and the user experience of your site, there’s technical SEO, building back links, there’s also building publicity for your brand. All these things go into SEO. SEO companies have different philosophies about what works best. Now for example, there are some companies that will try and sell you spammy back links, and things of that nature, and tell you that’s going to be the magic bullet that solves your problems. Some people are going to sell you packages of things that you probably don’t even.

Those companies might just have a standard process for every type of client that they take on: whether it’s in health. or education, or manufacturing, or retail, or real estate, or insurance. Now, the fact of the matter is, while some of the basic SEO things are the same [for all categories], there’s specific things that work better in each type of category. So you have to look at each site as a specific thing. Some people obsess over technical SEO. They look at things like site speed. They’ll read the log files from the server. They’ll try and eliminate 404 errors. Some other companies will try and cheat at everything that they’re doing with SEO. We generally call these “black hat SEOs”.

They look for exploits in the system to try and rank sites. The problem is, when Google discovers that sites are going against their prescribed rules, your rankings go away, basically. So you don’t want to be caught with a black hat company. There’s some people they will not build a link at all, which I think is also a bit extreme, and they’ll focus only on content. Some people will tell you that if you just change the URL structure of your site, the web address structure of your site, that everything will be fine.

Some people just focus on titles and descriptions. So as you can understand, there’s a lot of different ways to approach SEO. There’s a lot of different methods for going about it, and everybody has a different system for doing SEO. It’s completely different from Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM). It’s completely different from following a product spec sheet. And even if you’re comparing it to web development, it’s completely different than following a set process for developing websites. SEO is aiming at a moving target, and the methods that one company uses over here.


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