SEO for Law Firms


People think about seo for attorneys. A lot of times clients hire us to overhaul their entire internet marketing presence. But a lot of times they also need results right away. In a best case scenario, we could typically launch a website which includes us writing all new content for the website in about six weeks. But that is also the best case scenario, depends on the client being completely on the ball and providing us with everything we need when we need it. And after about 75 clients that has happened exactly one time. So knowing this, we will often go in an optimise the content on their current website as our first step, which almost always results in an increase in phone calls and cases right off the bat.

Attorney and SEO

And what we do is so ridiculously simple that I really can’t believe more people don’t do it. This strategy focuses on the actual content of the website. At its core what we do is we take a keyword, for example criminal defence attorney, and we look at what words the websites occupying the top 20 ranking is on their pages use. And that’s it, it is basically just looking at what words did they use, and let’s get those words on our client’s page. The reason this works is because Google lies on synonyms and close variants to determine the topic of a page. So for example, if you want to rank for criminal defense attorney; your content needs to have keywords related to criminal defense attorneys.

Analysis of Market

These words could include arrest,dui, jail, bail, consultation. Literally thousands more words that can all be related to criminal defense and attorneys. The biggest challenge is figuring out which words are the most important. To figure this out, we use a website called Texttools. Here is how it works. So the first thing you are going to do is go to Texttools. So, we click on members login and then you are going to semantic analysis, then you are going to click TFIDF. And basically what this is, this allows you to analyze which pages are ranking for this specific keyword, and then allows you to figure out which keywords they have in common. For this example we are going to use the keyword Orange County family law attorney.

So this job is going to take a couple of seconds here, usually takes two or three minutes. Local consumers use Google more than anything else to decide which personal injury attorney to call when they or a family member has experienced injury or death, when they re facing a minor automobile accident or serious issues as such as medical malpractice, product liability, construction accidents or even wrongful death. Your clients look to Google for help. If your legal practice is not found here, then you may as well be invisible to the average consumer. This is Google Places. It is the number one area on the internet to generate real customer leads for your practice.

People are searching for experienced personal injury attorneys all day everyday. If you can t be found by those searching, you will get the same result, no leads. Success with Google Places and local search is virtually impossible without a team of competent internet marketing experts to work on your behalf.

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