Shopify vs Etsy – Best ECommerce Platform

Ecommerce Platform For SEO

There are a lot of question like which is the best ecommerce platform for seo. Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce platforms today, and it hosts hundreds of thousands of businesses in a thriving, little community. Shopify offers a powerful amount of plugins for entrepreneurs or businesses, ranging from a small startup all the way to large corporations, so it has everything in between. Shopify stores are very customizable, so you can make them look exactly how you want, and everything is under your control. Now, what is Etsy? So, where Shopify is a large network of stores and shops, Etsy is more of a community of artists, designers, and handmade items. So, let’s talk about how these two platforms differ.

Difference between the Two

We’ll start by naming the differences. So, the domain name, site design, pricing, types of visitors, marketplace rules. So, we’ll talk about domains. Shopify, you’re able to customize your domain, purchase it, whether it’s through Shopify itself or another provider, like Go Daddy, but it allows you to customize exactly your URL and send traffic directly there. In terms of site design, Shopify allows you to design everything yourself. So, whether you get a developer, or you know how to do it yourself, you’re able to edit everything from colors to styles, the layout, the buttons, everything. So, where Etsy, it’s going look very similar to the other Etsy stores, and you’ll not be able to differentiate yourself as well.

So, the types of visitors. This is a big deal here. You have to remember that Shopify, once you build a store, no one is going go to it. Unless you spend hours and hours on your SEO, and trying to drive organic traffic, the main part about Shopify is that you will have to design some sort of marketing plan to basically drive all that traffic to your website. Etsy, on the other hand, already has a network of all these buyers that are coming there to look at all these different products. So, Etsy is already a well-known hub, so there’s already traffic going to it. In terms of the marketplace rules, Shopify, you’re basically able to sell whatever you’re want, where Etsy is more along the lines of handmade products, and stuff like that.

Pricing and Other Differences

In terms of pricing, the basic, basic Shopify plan you can get is around just over$28 US But the basic Shopify’s about $29 a month, as well as it charges you a percentage of each purchase. So, for instance, Shopify will charge, on average, and I’m trying to pull up the numbers here, around three, two to three percent per purchase. They will get their transaction fee. So, on the other hand, Etsy, they don’t charge you a monthly payment, but they do charge you a transaction fee, which is closer to about three and a half percent, so a little bit higher than Shopify. So, let’s talk about the look and feel of these different types of platforms here.

So, as mentioned above, all Etsy stores look the same. They’re all branded with Etsy, and it’s all under the same sort of URL destination point. For some, this might be a benefit, because you don’t have to design it yourself, and you can just start selling right away. For those of you that want more freedom, Shopify is the place to go, because you’re able to design everything, from start to finish, and there’s a million tutorials on YouTube, for instance, where you’re able to just follow along, and create a converting website. So, in learning how to sell products on both of these platforms, Etsy will be easier for you right away. You don’t have to design a website, you can put your products up right away, and they’ll be visible on the marketplace.

As long as you’re naming your products similar to other products that are selling, for instance, you’ll be able to get found relatively easy. In terms of Shopify, well, it’s more complicated. It’s still very easy to set up.


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